Kitchen Modern Technology

kitchen modern technologyToday, the technology in the kitchen is growing. An existing technology in this kitchen makes you work in the kitchen easier. Many appliances in the kitchen are increasingly lighten your job.


As the name implies, this device can help you wash the dishes. You simply insert the plate into the device later automatically, your dishes will be washed and rinsed.

Microwave and Oven

For now, these two functions are combined in one device. This will help you save a lot of space for your device.

For some brands, this device provides a variety of features related to security. One is “autochild lock” function so that children can not open the oven during the cooking process takes place.

Cooker Hood

This tool helps maintain the cleanliness of the air in the kitchen. This tool also helps to keep the smell of cooking is not going anywhere.

Induction stove

Stoves that use electric power has a risk of an accident is much smaller than the gas stove.

There may be a smaller fires in the absence of fire. And if at the time of cooking you do not accidentally touch the stove, no heat is ushered into your hands. For some induction cooker, there are features that will automatically turn off the stove when the water splashed.

However, induction cooker also has its drawbacks. Use of this induction stoves produce different flavors of the cuisine, especially for Asian cuisine. Although the temperature can be set the same, it will remain distinct.

Considerations in Buying

One of the things you should consider before buying is the energy consumption of the device. Modern sophisticated devices and the use of very large electric power. The oven may require power up to 1500 Watt, 1500 Watt microwave, electric stove 2000 Watt, 1000 Watt dishwasher.

You should be wise to consider if want to buy or use it. If you just choose the cooking, electricity consumption in your home will only be exhausted to cook.

Benefits of Exercising

In today’s modern life that many people forget the importance of exercise for the body. Though exercise is a healthy way for the cheapest with amazing results for body fitness.

manfaat berolahragaIn addition, exercise can be implemented whenever and wherever we like to do both day and night as you wish.

At least excercise have two benefits for us. Physical and Mentaly.


Physical Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of exercise for our bodies :
Increase range of motion, Increase stamina,  Removing anxiety,  Relieves sexual performance,  Relieves symptoms of menopause,  Help prevent heart disease,    Preventing osteoporosis,  Fixing mental acuity,  Fixing concentration,  Reduce the risk of breast cancer,  Fix outlook on life,  Reduce the pain of arthritis, Controlling, cholesterol, Burn fat,  Accelerate metabolism,  Eliminate the symptoms of pre-menstrual,  Help us stop smoking, Relieves depression, Reduce the cost of living, Increase job satisfaction, Preserve muscle,  Preserve internal organs (liver, kidney),  Fixing reaction time,  Fixing cardiovascular fitness,  etc

In order for us fit and “contain” and ensure the metabolic rate does not go down and not slowing down blood circulation advised to exercise 30 minutes a day. Regular exercise and do more often is better than sports for 3 hours but 2 weeks or more. This rare sport makes us tired. in addition to the above benefits will we get if we rarely do sports. For the sports start small so that we are accustomed to exercise.

Mentaly Benefits

Now a list of the positive effects of exercise will get longer again with the findings of recent evidence of Daniel M. Landers, professor of physical health and exercise science from the University of Arizona. Simply by moving your body for 10 minutes every day of our mental health will increase rapidly.

In addition, the power of thought will grow clear and uplifting can reduce stress and tension alias create the feeling of being cheerful always. According to Landers, there are five benefits of exercise that can nourish our mental.

1. Sports reduce stress

Every normal human being has experienced stress or tension. Is the stress due to economic problems such as inflation or devaluation, the association problem or breakdown of the marital relationship, affairs office that was never completed, the final exam to be faced, wrong decisions that have been taken or may hesitance to take a decision.

All human beings have experienced stress; and you must know how to handle it! Many JV disease, despair, and even sudden death due to stress!

The reason is, that the heart of our work at the time of exercise, the concentration of the mind will not be automatically focused on your work again. Besides can be distracting, aerobic routine can also increase cardiovascular endurance, so that later we can be not overreacting to a problem. Activities that have proved effective in the fight against brain strain is aerobic sorts walking, cycling, swimming, jogging and yoga.

2. Exercise can improve brain power

It is no secret that regular physical activity can improve the reaction performed, concentration, creativity and our mental health. This is because the body to pump more blood so that oxygen levels in the blood circulation also increases the intake end accelerate blood to the brain. Experts agree that the brain gets enough blood supply, the physical and mental reactions will increase.

3. Affect the Endogenous opioids hormone

In the wonders of the human body, scientists have recently discovered a hormone system that functions as an endogenous opioids morphine called. It is enough to attract attention because its receptors found in the hypothalamus and limbic system of the brain, areas associated with emotion and human behavior.

Endogenous opioids hormone systems, one of which is beta-endorphin, not only reduces the feeling of pain and give strength to face cancer alone, but also increase memory, normalize appetite, sex, blood pressure and ventilation.

When exercising, glands pitutiari add beta-endorphin products; and as a result the concentration of beta-endorphin rises in the blood that flowed well into the brain, thus reducing pain, anxiety, depression and feelings of fatigue.

4. Increase the alpha brain waves

Research shows that exercise, there is the addition of alpha waves in the brain. Alpha brain waves have long known that relate to relax and relaxed state as at the time of meditation. The alpha waves seen in a jogging for 20 to 30 minutes, and still can be measured after the exercise is over.

The researchers suggested that the increased power of alpha waves contribute to the psychological benefit of exercise, including reduced anxiety and depression.

5. Distributors brain nerve

Sports will be able memperlancarkan dealer activities neural (brain neurotransmitters) in the brain. The results in this study can be said that exercise can raise the levels of norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin in the brain, thereby reducing depression. It has been proven that the brain’s nerve dealer such as norepinephrine (NE) and serotonin (5 – HT) is involved in depression and schizophrenia.

A healthy body live in tranquility. You will not feel it from the inside out harmony and peace. When the exercise will provide good physical health, as well as peace of mind as well as the achievement of a higher intellect, why we do not immediately exercise from now.

6. Exercise can fight aging

A recent study proved that with only mild exercise such as walking can help the body prevent the decline of the brain in older women. The longer and frequent walking activity is done then the sharpness of mind will also be improved.

Best results will be obtained by moving the body each week for nine weeks. “The activity does not need to be too high intensity, enough to get around it, which is the power pacemakers we can increase,” said Landers. “But the benefits of memory we will always be sharp.”

7. Exercise can increase feelings of happiness

Many people who suffer from depression or sedative wears her pain as a way out. Now the road to happiness naturally can be achieved by moving your body on a regular basis. Sports proven effective in increasing growth hormones of happiness in our brains, such as adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, which is the number one killer of liver disease.

A survey in the United Kingdom reported 83% of patients with depression depends on sports activities to improve mood and reduce anxiety. Exercising regularly for 16 weeks in people who had higher levels of depression, who had a happy effect.

Duke University study proves that 60% of people with depression who underwent 30 minutes of exercise three times a week for six months can resist suffering without having to use prescription drugs. But for people with severe depression who certainly can not simply escape from drugs. It’s just that many doctors now that incorporate sports activities in their treatment prescription sedative in addition to medical.

8. Exercise can boost confidence

Now that confidence can be achieved not only by relying on physical beauty again. A case study in the US proves that teens who actively exercise has the same level of confidence strong with their friends who have a body and a beautiful appearance.

Stability of self is situated on the results they get, which is a healthy body image and excellent physical strength, not only vigorous exercise as obsessed with physical figure of the models on the cover of the magazine.

The Chemicals Content in Nonstick skillet

Cooking is a routine that is very closely related to the health of your family. By producing foods that contain enough nutrients, it will inevitably lead to positive effects for your body and family. You also need to pay attention to the use of cooking tools, cooking tools are usually made of stainless steel, iron, plastic, aluminum and other metals. No rule you use a non-stick frying pan. By using a non-stick frying pan will make it easy for you to cook but did you know that improper use on non-stick frying pan, will harm your family?


Chemicals Contents

Non-stick coating or polytetrafluoroetylene (PTFE) is widely found in some of your cooking appliance such as a cooking pot, frying pan and rise cooker. The use of stick coating is intended to minimize the use of margarine and cooking oil, in addition to the non-stick skillet favorite because it is very easy to clean. Chemical substances contained in a non-stick frying pan is a variety of metals including mercury-containing substances suspected cancer, carcinogens. The study found that the chemical substances contained in a non-stick frying pan is Ammonium perfluorooctanoate (APFO) or perfluorooctanoic (PFOA) in produsi disturb the environment. The content of PCFS or perfluorocarbons contained in a non-stick frying pan can increase the risk of liver damage and also the problem of growth. The study found women with high levels of chemicals that go into the body will experience fertility problems, although the ratio will be higher in men than women because it easily exposed. In addition, high levels of PFCs will result in fast women experiencing menopause, allowing higher bad cholesterol into the body to those of you who use nonstick skillet when cooking.